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Top 10 reasons for wearing fur


Warmth is the number one reason people like to wear fur, according to a recent poll of fur buyers. Fur is nature's most beautiful answer to Winter.


Modern, casual or elegant, fur is always in style. More than 150 top international designers are now using fur in their collections.


Fur is a naturally durable fiber that lasts for many, many years.

Re-Style able

As styles change, your fur can be updated and re-styled to reflect the latest fashions time and time again.

Environmentally Friendly

A fine natural product, fur is bio-degradable and a renewable resource.


Fur can be worn for all occasions. Whether with jeans or an evening gown, wearing fur will make you look and feel terrific! With lighter weight fur and fur accessories, furs are now a three-season fashion.

Supporting Livelihoods and Cultures

When you buy fur, you support thousands of people living on the land - people who have a direct interest in protecting vital wildlife habitat. The fur trade is a proud North American heritage.

Responsible Conservation

Furs used in the trade are abundant. Strict government controls ensure that NO endangered species are ever used.
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Soft, sensual, cozy and lightweight - nothing equals the feeling of wearing fur.

Fur is your choice!

The fur trade is a responsible, well-regulated industry. You can feel proud of your choice to wear natural North American furs.

What to look for

With today's wide variety of fur fashions, the choices are endless. So give some thought to your purchase:

  • How will you wear your fur?
  • Will you spend time in blue jeans and a funky knitted fur or a leather jacket lined in sheared beaver?
  • Will you dress for an elegant night on the town in a classic mink coat?
  • Or will a touch of fur add sophistication to your work wardrobe with, for example, an understated fur collar on a classic wool suit?

Once you decide which fur best fits your lifestyle, it's time to start looking.



Where to look

A great place to start is at our fur salon. Feel free to browse and ask questions.

At Alex Furs they are experts who can introduce you to the world of fur.









Tips about choosing a fur:

  • Check to see that the pelts are lustrous, supple and well-matched.
  • Feel the fur carefully. There should be a dense, soft underfur that is evident to the touch under the glossy guard hairs, which should also be soft, never bristly.
  • Seams should be sewn tightly. Hems should fall straight.
  • Be sure to try the garment on to see if the weight is comfortable for you. You may be surprised at how lightweight many fur coats actually are.
  • When you try on a well-made fur, it should be well-balanced, falling evenly and comfortably from your shoulders.
  • There should be "give" to the leather side of the fur when horizontal tension is applied

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